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Should Cheating Lead To Divorce?

Should Cheating Lead To Divorce?

free xxx pornThis question: "should cheating lead to divorce?" is being asked all too often in the era of modern man. Cheating and divorce are becoming more and more commonplace and the idea of disposable marriages is taking hold everywhere. But, with all the other things that can xxx porn and do go wrong in a marriage, should cheating lead to divorce when so many other things do not?

For some people, cheating is too large of a betrayal to recover from. There's no shame in that. It is what it is. People place different degrees on different deeds. Some people consider cheating the ultimate betrayal in a marriage while others do not.

Oddly enough, the number one reason stated for divorce, at least in the U.S. is related to money and not infidelity. When you consider statistics that show more than half of all people in a committed relationship have admitted to cheating on their partner, it's fairly astonishing that money is still the number one stated reason for divorce.

But, cheating is not the penultimate sin in a relationship for all people. Some people realize that people are all human and equally able to make mistakes. Some people feel that they may have, in some small or large role, contributed to the cheating somehow. Some people believe that cheating isn't that big of a deal. And guess what? Everyone is right to some degree. Even those who believe there is no bigger betrayal to your marriage vows than cheating.

The vows you take when you get married all have meaning. The thing is they have different meaning to different people. Sit down sometime and ask your spouse for his or her take on those vows and compare that to your own. You will find that you each have a very personal understanding of what those vows mean to you and your marriage but that your understanding may not be identical to that of your spouse.

Not everyone will find these a marriage ending offense. Some people will. Cheating should only lead to divorce if it changes how you feel about the marriage and the person you married. You alone will have to be the one to decide if the cheating of your spouse will spell the end for your marriage. It's not a decision to be made lightly but it's also not one you want to waffle on. Take your time and find the answer that works best for you.